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A Home for Forgiveness

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Composed and Performed

by Aud Wilken

A Home for Forgiveness

If you’re a home for forgiveness
If you make a home for it in you
A journey begins, that never ends
that leads you to be more true
to a human promise
of being humane, spirited and high

And there’s probably room for a lot of mistakes
In the knowing that most of us try
And there’s room in this house for a deep respect
born out of a bigger view

A deep understanding of what happens inside living
to the many and to the few

It takes learning to listen, even when it's hard
And to listen for what stays unsaid
There’s patience and humility born from the labor
of not stopping at being afraid
There’s a warmth that can look out of someone’s eyes
and it melts away the fear
of meeting a wall, of not being received
and it goes straight to the heart

We are each the gardener put in charge of what we grow
We decide the fruits by what seeds we sow
Some will say some things are beyond forgiving
There are horrors too great to be part of living
But its not the act, it’s the life that needs forgiving
To set it free, so that Life itself may keep living..

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