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Detection: The Hidden Path to Deeper Spirituality

Saturday- August 19, 2023

2-4 p.m. EDT / 6-8 p.m. UTC

Discover the ancient art of detection to overcome your inner obstacles and travel deeper into the labyrinth of yourself where freedom, new perceptions and possibilities lie.


Ron Patterson and Emy Papasideris


About the Event

Most people overlook the importance of the art of detection—observing what is on the outside to uncover what is on the inside—as they embark on a spiritual journey. Why? It is a mostly lost art in the world, but in truth lies at the heart of transforming yourself. How can you begin to make the right changes to yourself if you don’t know your unique nature, natural inclinations and blind spots? 


A lack of detection skills will most likely cause you to become stuck on your journey—you are flying blind through life, unaware of your biases and the areas most needed to develop in.


This fascinating, fun and practical meeting will provide you with a wide range of tools to be able to begin to detect the nature of yourself, others, and the world around you. Do you know how you walk reveals a great deal about what is going on inside you? Imagine being able to look at a face and understand the inclinations and struggles of the person behind it.  


If you can get the knack of detection it can provide a flow of new insights all your life, causing inspiration, clarity and joy on your refinement journey. It feeds your curiosity, helps you understand why people do what they do and turns life into a bright adventure.

This Event is for you if:

This Event is not for you if:

You feel stuck on your spiritual journey and can't put your finger on why

You are seeking new ways to put your intuition and higher faculties to work

You love the idea of refining and improving self

You long for better understanding of the unseen energies that direct physical life

You don't value the intuitive side of yourself

You expect to be an expert in detection after one meeting

You are not interested in a deepening journey of spiritual and personal development

You want to have smoother relationships with others

What you will walk away with:

A writing to deepen your understanding of how the art of detection is a key foundation to one's spiritual journey

Practical tools that will springboard your own evolving journey into detection

Greater understanding on how what goes on in the energy realms affects everything from our physical features to our inclinations, and beyond

About the Presenters

Ron Patterson.png

Ron Patterson

Ron has been on a wide-ranging spiritual journey for many years.  He believes spirituality integrates across the fabric of one's life from dealing with oneself to engaging with family, friends, work colleagues and helping others.  He has an insightful, engaging, and practical way of teaching, and resides in Toronto with his family.


Emy Papasideris

Emy believes that human life carries profound meaning and potential, and that going on a journey of refinement is a thank-you return to that which gave us life in the first place. Her passions include assisting others on their development journeys and expressing the majesty of the unseen forces that drive all life via art.

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with Ron Patterson and Emy Papasideris

August 19, 2023

2-4 PM EDT

6-8 PM UTC

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