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To be under the influence

is to put yourself within

the flow, the deepening

rhythm of transcendence.


Place a rock in a stream

and the music of the

moment changes,

alters measurably.


To place yourself 

within a stream

is to surrender to

the flow, to relinquish 

control and let be

what may be.


There is the saying:

You cannot step into

the same river twice;

for you are not the same

person, and it’s not 

the same river.


Step into a library

and the ecology 

coalesces around you, 

cocooning you in 

the delicate quiet.


Step into a cathedral

and the immensity

encapsulates you, 

magnifying the 

meaning of tiny in

your precious destiny.


First, work yourself 

into the domain; then

it will work into you.

Clearly, you must

trust the process.


Then, step into your

true self and you fall 

under your very own

spell of becoming.

- Charles Fischer

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