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Focus the way ahead

Focus on the now for that is where we occupy

In the doing, being, acting, 

oh how we try to defy the now, 

with what if?  

It ought not be this way,

Where are we?

when these thoughts tumble down

the furrowed brow caught in the frown

of too much to know, to feel, to understand

Where oh where do our thoughts land

when this is upon us?

Is it the now?  


What is in the scope of vision? 

in the immediate eye grasp, no revision or division

or decision to ‘see’ elsewhere..


A flower, a painting, a pile of dishes, 

these are now

Focus here and settle inwards 

doing what the panorama calls for

All the while inward seeking, 

thoughts awhirl with the wildly possible


Create that world, inward bound and somehow, 

we shall all be found within it.

Not at once and not tomorrow, 

for that is where we borrow towards.


Those days to come they await us when we focus on the now 

and share it with another.

Share that flower, or the painting, even dishes can be something waiting 

for delight when shared.


This here world is not my making

yet here am I partaking

Focused deeply in the minute, I can surely win it 

We each and all have our troubles, 

sighing, crying, 

up it bubbles, that urge 

to be in times when this was not the case


Oh woe betide the human race 

if we cannot move us now into a space

Of caring, sharing 

and to be fair

It will take time 


all we have is the now



with me now if you care

All our troubles we can share 

Finding ways in the now together 

for a new tomorrow

that happens now so let’s not borrow

yesterday’s sorrow.

Hold your head high, 

sing your song while I sing mine

Harmony is in the vine 

that weaves between us.


- Sharon Lange

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