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From within the Interim


As the past releases its hold and gives up its ghosts

And what used to fill, begins to fade

Or no longer sustains;

As the future arrives from beyond what’s known

And the feelings are so new, so unfamiliar,

As if waking in a strange new land, or from the deepest of dreams;


When the present moment is all there seems to be

And one feels small within the vastness of it all,

Yet somehow exactly where one is meant to be;

How does one begin to describe it?  Find language that can even approach? 


As it is reached for, it begins to swirl…


Neither here, nor there, but standing at a crossroads in time that is yet beyond time.

Poised.  Within the divine order, unbound.

An explorer.   A pathfinder.   A furtherer.

A newly minted bearer of consciousness and wielder of choice. 

An embryonic possibility in service to Life itself.

Within the mystery and the grace of this moment, and the next,

A unique and flashing crystal being drawn, inexorably, towards the Crown of Creation.


                                                                                                                                - Gail Fillion   

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