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Give Pause to Be & Do

There are two ways
one the path of least resistance,
riding waves of whimsy
cresting, falling and subsiding
gliding o’er winds in favor or disfavor
glancing here and glancing there
ne’er a moment to spare
for that which offered life most willingly;
going on, mistaking trust and treasure,
knowing only pleasure
within the brightness
no eyes to see
the ever deeper calling
missing that inherent choice
to be and give another voice
to sing its song

There are two ways
one with purposeful intention
self-chosen must it be,
unearthing all that lies within, gifted,
sifted out of many choosings
striding forth to do and be
within the unfolding human story
each unique, specially woven
tapestries of untold glory
hosanna aided, multi-braided,
fashioned of the future winning
in destinic twinning of vine divine
with human fulfilling the yet to be seen

Mine the choice
Each moment, each action
A choice

- Sharon Lange

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