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Sunday - November 19, 2023

11 a.m.-1 p.m. ET / 4-6 p.m. UTC

Discover how being attractive to the Universe connects you to the natural purpose and inspiration of being human and is an antidote to feeling isolated and lost.


Ron Patterson and Emy Papasideris

About the Event

Have you sensed that we are inside a living, breathing Universe—a Universe that is looking for humans who wish to partner with it?


The possibility and sense of purpose this offers are waiting for each of us. Every person can forge their own path and begin a two-way relationship with the Universe, but it hinges on four crucial understandings that will provide the initial spark. Without these, one is in a state of invention and likely won’t go far.


A real relationship with the Universe offers a regular flow of warmth, creativity, and shines new light on how to transform your life. It provides a deep, inner quiet and the sense of higher purpose.  It shifts you out of the unnatural state of feeling stuck or adrift and fills you with strength and courage.


Join us for new and practical perspectives that will help you move from feeling displaced in the Universe to returning to the inside—where humans were always intended to be.

This Event is for you if:

You feel you are living within the natural power and intelligence of the Universe but don’t know how to engage with it

You sense your human possibility is vast but are unsure how to realize it

You toggle between a sense of inspiration and emptiness about your life

This Event is not for you if:

You believe the Universe and everything in it was formed randomly or with no cause

You are not interested in improving yourself

You are satisfied with your life and possibility as it currently exists

What you will walk away with:

Essential foundations to begin your own relationship with the Universe

A greater clarity about human potential within the workings of the Universe

The confidence to embark on your spiritual journey from a place of strength and wisdom

A better awareness of the unseen worlds that surround us and how they operate

About the Presenters

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Ron Patterson

Ron has been on a wide-ranging spiritual journey for many years.  He believes spirituality integrates across the fabric of one's life from dealing with oneself to engaging with family, friends, work colleagues and helping others.  He has an insightful, engaging, and practical way of teaching, and resides in Toronto with his family.

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Emy Papasideris

Emy believes that human life carries profound meaning and potential, and that going on a journey of refinement is a thank-you return to that which gave us life in the first place. Her passions include assisting others on their development journeys and expressing the majesty of the unseen forces that drive all life via art.

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with Ron Patterson and Emy Papasideris

Sunday - November 19, 2023

11 AM - 1 PM ET

4-6 PM UTC

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