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Astrology: What You've Sensed But Not Discovered

Saturday - October 21, 2023

10 a.m.-12 p.m. ET / 2-4 p.m. UTC

Travel beyond your daily horoscope into the vastness of astrology and discover the blueprint for your refining journey towards higher possibilities, new skills and well-being.


Ron Patterson and Emy Papasideris



About the Event

Ever wonder why you are keenly interested in your daily or weekly horoscope?  You and millions of other people regularly visit websites to try and find what the stars and planets are saying about your future.  Have you ever sensed that there are deeper truths at play inside astrology about your life and its possibilities?


Did you know you are born under one astrological sign but with development have the opportunity to connect to the power of all the others?  This can allow you to escape habitual patterns and springboard into a versatile and buoyant spiritual journey.


Join us as we travel to the heart of astrology and give you an insider view of what astrology heralds—a brilliant set of universal tools to understand and refine yourself with.  This leads to the wisdom of managing yourself better, discovering where your natural genius and inclinations lie, and deepening and improving your relationships.

This Event is for you if:

You sense astrology is connected to spirituality

You feel new possibilities are beckoning your life but are somehow out of reach

You love fun and practical ways to discover new levels of astrology

You have been caught by the idea that humans can refine and create a better future for themselves

You wonder why your birth chart holds such mystique

This Event is not for you if:

You are locked into the idea that astrology is only for divining the future

You are not interested in refining and improving yourself

You don't believe that stars and planets influence your life in a real way

What you will walk away with:

A better appreciation of how astrology and your human possibility are intertwined

Important tools to know yourself and others at a deeper level

Insight into three pillars of your birth chart

A writing that opens up how astrology can be used to deepen your spiritual journey

About the Presenters

Ron Patterson.png

Ron Patterson

Ron has been on a wide-ranging spiritual journey for many years.  He believes spirituality integrates across the fabric of one's life from dealing with oneself to engaging with family, friends, work colleagues and helping others.  He has an insightful, engaging, and practical way of teaching, and resides in Toronto with his family.


Emy Papasideris

Emy believes that human life carries profound meaning and potential, and that going on a journey of refinement is a thank-you return to that which gave us life in the first place. Her passions include assisting others on their development journeys and expressing the majesty of the unseen forces that drive all life via art.

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