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Enhance Your Energetic Life: A Journey Into Well-Being


Saturday - December 9, 2023


11:30 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. ET / 4:30-6:30 p.m. UTC

Discover tools and mindsets that will keep you intact, filled with well-being and inner stillness, and able to better manage life's stresses.


Stephen Quinn and Karen Cetinkaya

About the Event

Do you long for greater inner stillness, energy and well-being? Do you want to deepen and grow your spiritual life, but often find yourself distracted, filled with noise, stress, even the energies of other people? 

This event will walk you step by step through simple, powerful exercises to clean, charge and bring enhancement to your aura and your energy systems. This brings about a state of peace, quiet surety, and brings you closer into the dignity and purposefulness natural to a human being.

There will also be a time for questions and conversation about keeping centered, grounded, and being with higher energies in the demanding world we find ourselves in. The whole process is designed to bring you from a place of stress or dispersion into real peace and strength, charged with energy and purpose.

This Event is for you if:

You believe humans are spiritual beings having a human experience.

You want practical tools and mindsets to stay energetically intact.

You find yourself sensitive to the energies of others and sometimes have trouble staying grounded in your own life.

This Event is not for you if:

You think the body and the mind are all that there is.

You aren’t willing to be led through energetic exercises and movements.

You want to have more rich, deep spiritual experiences, more of the time.

What you will walk away with:

A basic knowledge of the aura and energies

Simple ways to charge and bring enhancement to your energy systems

You’ll very likely walk away in a state of peace, stillness and well being with a greater belief and confidence that you’ll be more robust and centered into the future

About the Presenters

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Stephen Quinn

Stephen has been on a spiritual development journey for nearly 30 years, seeking the reasons we are here and attempting to live by them every day. He's passionate about passing what he's learned to others and finds this to be a rich, educational experience both ways. He also has a deep love of the healing arts and has been a healing practitioner for many years. 

Woman smiling

Karen Cetinkaya

Karen has been on the questing path in one form or another for many years.  Learning how unseen energies interact with the physical realms has been a life-changing discovery.  She continues to work on her own spiritual development and seeks to be of assistance to others on their human journeys.

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