Inoculations for the Future*

with Ed Dowrick

About the Event

What important and often overlooked considerations might you want to add in navigating an increasingly changing world?...


You are invited to “Inoculations for the Future”, an event where together we explore some of these considerations and ingredients crucial to your well-being, success, and being with the best of what a time of change and new discovery makes possible.


This event will offer an entry approach towards understanding the human energy systems, electro-magnetism, and the energetic influences at play in everyday life through a loom of perceptions and new practices immediately applicable into one’s life.

About the Presenter


Ed Dowrick

Ed is an experienced caregiver, having worked in hospitals and the healthcare setting for most of his life.  Assisting the healing process and reducing pain and suffering in the world are part of Ed’s fundamental values, seeing this as an important foundation in the greater pursuits of understanding human purpose and its application into everyday life.  Ed is also a musician producing, composing, and performing a wide range of eclectic, ambient, cinematic, and functional music in a diverse field of applications.

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