Inspired Movement Workshops*

with Ronda Lawrence


Event Intro Video

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About the Workshops

Humans are made to move.  It's good for us and all our interconnected systems: circulatory, nervous, mental, digestive, immune, emotional, structural, respiratory, and spiritual.  We thrive when we feel a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives and, since we are all moving in one way or another, why not have some of it be inspired and meaningful movement?  A series of 20-30 minute workshops will be offered via zoom on themes like Awareness Before Action, Posture, Balance and Movement, Dance, Breath, and Moving With the Human Aura to encourage you to find your own way and style while moving through life.

About the Presenter

Ronda Lawrence

Ronda has researched, over many years, the qualities of energetic power that go with human postures and movements.  She has studied a variety of international dance forms, is a certified yoga instructor and a licensed registered nurse.  Ronda is dedicated to the discovery of the well being of the human body, mind and spirit, and the interactive ways in which one's own ecologies relate to and exchange with the planet to create opportunities for each other's natural development.

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