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          The Astrologer



          She enters quietly

          Dressed in a white cotton tunic

          Held together by strands of gold and silver.


          On her face she wears a gentle smile,

          And in her eyes are deep wells of years of kindness.


          She carries a bag made of silk—decorated with bits

          Of forgiveness and joy;

          Laden within are polished gems

          Of yet to be discovered possibilities—

          For your delight and

          Your illumination. 


          An antique mirror made of pewter appears,

          To help reflect you back to you….

          And like an alchemist, the astrologer

          Guides your way to turn past sorrows

          Into universal solvents.


          When she departs,

          You are left feeling richer…lighter

          And less alone.

          - Sara Olivia Garcia



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