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The Seed

Encased, encompassed and encapsulated
Awaits its calling in the darkness
Whether above or below
In silence, in stillness, in wait
For a calling
A timely pressure
To engage and activate
The very reasons why the seed is a seed.
It has no choice
Whether to respond or not
And yet, it rises to the growth opportunity
Welcoming the pressure and the darkness
For it knows a transformation is upon it
Much like the caterpillar
In development for the gift of wings
What of the human seed?
Born with a design, ready for response
Gifted with choice for the human journey
Granted sensory locations
To hear the calling
To feel the pressure
To see the darkness
To smell the transforming process
To taste the sweetness of success and learnings
While encased, encompassed and encapsulated
In the very soil of life and living
As a spiritual being

- Maria Pierleoni



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