The Story You Tell Yourself

with Sara Olivia Garcia

About the Event

My name is Sara.  In my work as a teacher, I have found storytelling as an effective way to reach my students, no matter their age.


There seems to be a magic in storytelling that lives from generation to generation!  Whether it is a child hearing a story at bedtime, or a roomful of students, learning the lesson through a teacher’s story, or a gathering of friends around a fire, telling stories from their past, storytelling carries its own magic.


There is another process in which storytelling causes good things to happen.  Imagine, holding a mirror to one’s own thoughts, hopes and dreams and asking whether these need to be updated, revised, added to, or simply are no longer useful. 


In a three-part series, each person will be invited to look at the story you tell yourself at this time of your life.  There will be time for learning, time for reflection and time to write or rewrite your own story. 


I look forward to this new endeavor and to meeting you there for a magic carpet ride!

About the Presenter

Sara Olivia Garcia

"Storytelling invites me to become part of a long line of those that from ancient times, from Bards traveling on foot from village to village to the elders in tribes … passed on history, truths, wisdoms, and warm humorous accounts to all those that had the ears to hear.  Touching the hearts and minds through stories reminds me of the interconnectedness of humans and all living things.  Finding stories to tell is a gift!"

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