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The Wings of Our Desire


The wings of our desire

Carry us back home

The journey takes so 

Much less time

Than the journey here.


Into the land of the unknown

Greatly anticipated,

Bravely entered,

The time is long, wearying

Wearing, we go on and on,

Leaving more and more behind


Until at last - at last -

We emerge into this new land

Where all is unknown

And we ourselves are lost

Helpless and bewildered.

How did we get here?


And breathing in our first breath

We come into the mantle

Of our great mother,

This beautiful planet we call earth, 

And enter her allowance

To learn and grow,

Journey work ourselves 

Toward a unity and fineness,

Discovering ourselves, piece by piece

Or sometimes all at once,

In a burst of knowing.

Why did we come here?

And on, journey work of it 

As we go.


Ah, this I know

I make this rock to stand upon, my belief.

Here the rope of understanding.

Here the flame of hope.

And still journeying on

There is work to do before 

The wings of our desire

Carry us back home.

- Peg Simon

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