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Time is Short


Time is short

In this part of the universe

It moves in seconds,



Days and nights,

And years -

And then no more


How strange to understand

That this time

Which we are granted

Is unknown in the great infinity

Where all abides

In constant communion


We who move through time and space

Meet each other, and love, and forever change

The trajectory of some part of the universe

Which would never have experienced that

Glorious combination, except

For us


Who are we, then,

To leave an imprint on Creation?

To appear inside of a time,

A place, a lifetime

And then depart

Having mixed our substance

With others?


Surely we came from somewhere

Before we arrived here

And surely we go elsewhere

When we are done here


May it be that I will have done

What I came here to do

Experienced what I came here to feel

And see and know,

And in the doing and feeling and knowing

Given something precious

Back to whatever created me.

For whatever created me

Created you

Created miracles


- Peg Simon

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