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Try, persist, keep going


Throughout the journey of one’s life

There is something that one keeps returning to.

With each day, with each new endeavour

Whether small or large, there sits the essence of try.

Which for this human life never ceases to amaze.

Something inside says to not give up.

With each new day to keep going

No matter what, no matter what the cost

Call it what you may, try, persistence, stamina, fortitude..

It’s always there.

Willing even to trudge through snow

Braving ice and freezing cold

To help someone you love, to give extra

Simply because you can.

And it never leaves us.

It is right there

From our first breath, our first steps

Up to the end of our lives..

And one wonders

What mighty hand put that there?

And why?

The engineering of the human is

To say the least



- Tagir

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