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Weeds and Seeds, Blossoms and Gems



Standing in a place where nothing yet is,

Knowing there is light and knowing there is dark,

Conscious of the gems waiting and wanting to grow therein.

A scattering of seeds called Hope, Care, Honor and Respect

Begin a garden of qualities.

Some annuals,

Some perennials,

Both seed producing in their way.

The earth holds them firmly.

The sun warms them safely.

The heavens watch and wait and wonder...


For the human,

Gardener of one’s own weeds, seeds and blossoms,

Walks the perimeter

Mindful of what does not belong

Searching and longing for what does

And open to the gems not yet revealed.

In time,

Many things grow.

Many things wither.

Conscious attention and repetition

Cause reproduction, blooming and growth

For weeds and gems alike.

Some annual,

Some perennial,

Both seed producing in their way.


The garden gate opens from both sides

To allow entry or exit

Giving an opportunity to choose

And an allowance for error inside the learnings.

Imagine standing in this place

Where your garden grows

Knowing there is light

Knowing there is dark

And conscious of the gems

Hope, Care, Honor and Respect,

Now growing therein,

In you.

- Maria Pierleoni

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