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What's Eating You?

Saturday- September 9, 2023

2-4 p.m. EDT / 6-8 p.m. UTC

Discover how the energies you decide to process can build an inner core of strength and clarity, preventing dispersion and fatigue while keeping you on a deepening spiritual journey.


Dana Hoffer and Emy Papasideris

About the Event

As human beings we have the choice to go on a refinement journey which makes life a rewarding adventure. But what happens if you can only remember what’s important before you step out into the world, and then forget it when you have to deal with the pressures of daily life?

Without a living, self-decided inner pressure system it becomes far more likely to get stuck on your journey. And yet we humans are built to be secure, capable and focused.

Imagine having the inner stability and peace to be able to navigate life’s challenges in a way that will always return you to your purpose and keep you refreshed and able to keep moving past difficulties.

Did you know that the lost art of making shields can be applied in a very powerful way to your 21-st century life? In this practical and far-ranging event we will be going on a journey of the fundamental influences that drive all life, and explore how what you eat goes far beyond what you put in your mouth and can change the quality of your days and thus your life.

This Event is for you if:

This Event is not for you if:

You want to return to the driver's seat of your own life

You are keen to understand your development stoppers

You have the sense that unseen energies influence every aspect of life and want to explore it further

You long to be able to change your inner emotional state

You believe life is only physical and there's nothing more to it

You're not interested in working to further your spiritual development

You are not curious about using art as part of your development journey

You seek to be better equipped in facing the world

What you will walk away with:

New perceptions that will offer greater clarity and leadership over your own life

A personal shield that you can use as a daily practical development tool

A writing outlining an exercise on how to rebalance yourself on a daily basis

About the Presenters


Dana Hoffer

Dana finds life to be an exciting adventure where the human, the planet and the whole universe are all mysteries yet to be discovered. Within that, she believes that we, human beings, make our journey of development and refinement while learning how to be useful and contributing to others and to the world.


Emy Papasideris

Emy believes that human life carries profound meaning and potential, and that going on a journey of refinement is a thank-you return to that which gave us life in the first place. Her passions include assisting others on their development journeys and expressing the majesty of the unseen forces that drive all life via art.

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with Dana Hoffer and Emy Papasideris

September 9, 2023

2-4 PM EDT

6-8 PM UTC

Please submit a separate registration form for each person that is attending.

Thank you for registering!

Donations are always welcome.

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