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Whither go I?


Whither go I in life’s unfolding panorama

Seething swarms of energetic molecules

Merging into light, emerging from the nothing of itself

Searching, seeking, reaching, peaking

Each new life emerges fully without hesitation

Finding easement in the station of living

What appears to be a burst is the first of many moments

Of time, power and response signal


Here stand I poised and solemn

Filmy, open-ended pollen ignites the ruby glowing embers

Seeding deeply carried splendors of a shared making

Me, it, they, the yet to be, blossoming, blooming within

Immersed within,

 Emerging without doubt into the life abounding


Am I flower of eternity waking or is the much of too much taking me along the path of no tomorrow

Only moments lost in sorrow when casting back to check the tally


Rise the rose, ring the daffodil, soak in the lily padded pond before you lose the way entirely

Mighty wandering soul

delight me with your courage, pulse of vigor,

stepping forward with the rigorous stride of alteration

that small degree is salvation

a potential deviation from the massive human scorn of purpose, vision and intention

seldom do we hear a mention of these as was meant to be


Here stand you and we another

gifted life from the mother of all

creation to seek a destiny of our own making

we can bloom and we can flower,

born to cherish our tomorrow

piece by moment by precious hour

unfurl thee

- Sharon Lange

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