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Composed and Sung

by Maria Pierleoni

Today I went a-searching to find what might be needed.

Not knowing what to look for, I followed sounds of knowing.

More travelers had come and gone.

Footprints I did see.

Rocks of great stability and shells of fine beauty.

Some gems of understanding graced the trail for me.

To carry forward what's needed with Warmth and Care and Free.

May the waters by and by hold steady for more travelers.

Leaving nothing but the footprints, a trail for another.

Now I went a-searching today not knowing what to look for.

I brought the best of all myself.

Perhaps that was the key,

because it seemed something else found me while I searched for what could be.

And now I wonder 'bout it all - was the key inside me?

And now I wonder bout it all -  was the key inside me?

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