When you discover something of value, the most natural thing in the world is sharing it with others. This website is an expression stemming from our individual and collective engagement with what we refer to with endearment as the Emin. 

What is the Emin? It can be thought of in many ways – as a most high universal influence; as a collective body of deep and encompassing research; as a series of unique perceptions and insights; as an introduction to helpful ways of understanding ourselves, others, and the world and universe in which we live. It can be felt as a natural response and a spiritual urge to refine, elevate and evolve as a human life.

As the content on this site and the events offered through it demonstrate, it expresses itself differently in everyone, and each expression is but a facet of something far greater than any of us.

We hope you discover areas of interest on this site that inspire you, as well as new tools and skills with which to face the future that is appearing now and the challenges and opportunities it brings.  We wish you the very best.


This is a spiritual endeavor unaffiliated with any political persuasion or organized religion.

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"To build a house it is first necessary to have a solid foundation.  To build a life filled with value, meaning, human purpose, personal and universal development, a most honorable motivation.  To find a path overflowing with new knowledge and core understandings and to search, research and discover for oneself life in all sorts of new and exciting ways, is the joy of a lifetime.  To spread seeds of new possibility and feel oneself a part of something greater waiting for us to face the future together, is a gift of service."                

Janice  Sauer

The individual views, thoughts and opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of Pathways of Possibility Inc or any other organization or individual, past or present.