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Fall Apart, But Gently

I am the goat on a mountainside

gripping a jagged centimeter,


the scarecrow eyeing the velocity 

of a dark twister.


I am the artist holding onto a

broken pocket watch,


the skipper chasing discoveries 

with a map of yesterdays.


I am holding a cracked teacup 

trying to catch serenity—


but I understand even the universe 

has passing seasons.


At least we live on a warm planet

consoled by water;


if we can’t feel the hope in a storm,

we’ll never like the rain.


There is courage in every egg,

a forest in every acorn—


in tumultuous times we can still

be grateful the sun rises.


The secret now is to fall apart,

but gently, knowing we


won’t be the same tomorrow

as we were today.


- Charles Fischer

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