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How to Improve Your Sleep Naturally: An Energetic Approach

Smiling woman opening curtains in the morning

A good night's sleep can be the key to starting the new day refreshed, rejuvenated, and more ready to take on whatever the day may bring. Here Ron Patterson and Emy Papasideris explore the unseen, energetic side of sleep—and offer practical tools to help facilitate this most vital and natural process that we all experience, each and every day of our lives.

Almost all of us want to experience better sleep. Waking up recharged and ready to meet the day gives deep well-being and offers wide-ranging benefits across our lives. Being able to deal with life’s challenges; feeling peace, joy, determination; contemplating life’s bigger questions and whether a spiritual journey is for you—all of these things and more are assisted with good sleep.


Because so many people have difficulty sleeping, thousands of excellent articles have been written on how to get a better night's sleep, from medical professionals, sleep foundations and sleep practitioners. Most are thorough and take the very valid approach of looking at sleep through the physical realms of the human body (blocked nasal passages, etc.), its chemical processes, natural rhythms, and more.


This writing is going to take a rarely traveled, complementary approach to sleep—via the energetic realms. Imagine for a moment that there are natural energies on the planet and within us that facilitate sleep. When we unknowingly block them from doing their job, our sleep quality is reduced. When we understand how these energies work and enable them to flow, our sleep will be greatly enhanced.

Mother Nature’s Energies Help Facilitate Sleep


We now turn mystical, with the understanding that the planet is alive, intelligent and has amazing abilities to support and regulate life. Many ancient peoples and tribes believed this: They felt there was a world of energetic, natural powers influencing the seasons, healing, crops, fertility, death, sleep and much more— that were part of the process of keeping the balances of the planet and sustaining life. In the early days of ancient Greece, Hypnos was the god of sleep who would trigger healing sleep. And in ancient Rome, Somnus ruled over the sleep domains.


People speak of the Universal mind being a great ocean of unrealized consciousness that can be tapped for new intelligence. Just like the concept of the muse of poetry, an unseen energy that a poet can connect to for new ideas and inspiration, so too are there sleep energies we naturally connect to that help facilitate our sleep. They want you to drift peacefully into sleep as part of their natural cycle for sustaining life. And to what degree you can connect to them marks the difference between a poor, a decent, or a great night’s sleep.


How do sleep energies work?


The energetic understanding of sleep is as follows:


  1. The planet has sleep energies designed for humans. These energies operate within a distinct set of wavelengths.  

  2. When a human is tired, natural processes that promote sleep are triggered within, modifying the collective character of the electromagnetic signal the person is emitting to that of sleep. Think of yourself as a radio set. When you are awake, mostly you transmit “awake, awake, awake.” When you are tired and begin to move into sleep you begin to emit “sleep, sleep, sleep.”

  3. The planet’s sleep energies recognize these sleep signals and respond by joining this human—similarly to how tuning forks work with mutual resonance.

  4. These sleep energies complement the inner processes of the sleeping human, including drawing away static energies, promoting healing, and recharging one’s mind, soul and body.


The process of sleep is natural and will happen naturally. By being more aware of how the unseen powers of sleep work, we can take the steps outlined below to enable these energies to work their magic more powerfully.


Recognizing Sleep Energies—An Easy Sleep Exercise


Coming to sense and know the nature of the energies that power sleep is an important step in making this approach more tangible.


Please see the picture below.

A child sleeping peacefullyi in bed
A Child Sleeping Peacefjully

Pause for a moment and look at it. Do you remember the last time you entered a room with someone sleeping?


  • Did it cause you to naturally be quiet?

  • Were you able to sense a different electric atmosphere that you didn’t want to disturb? 

  • Could you tell if there was a difference in the nature of energy the person was transmitting when sleeping rather than when awake?


Now, spend a few moments trying to connect to the feeling of someone sleeping as you answer the above questions. You just might begin to feel the very real energetic wavelengths that sleep travels on.


If you wish to learn techniques on how to sense these energetic worlds better, please join us at one of our Pathways of Possibility events.


Energetic Sleep—Two Important Understandings


Before we go further there are two more important understandings to highlight.


A major mistake people often make is assuming all energies operate on the same plane—"the good, bad and ugly” as they say. By analogy, this would be like saying all musical notes are the same, the note C on a piano sounding the same as F—it makes no sense. If in the same scale, the note F transmits on a higher frequency (pitch) than C. It is a natural ordering.


Similarly, the wide range of energies that influence human processes, thought, and behavior each operate on their own unique frequency. The natural ordering puts energies such as anger and stress on lower, coarser frequencies while sleep, peace, hope and inspiration reside on higher, finer frequencies. The gentleness of the finer frequency of sleep energy is what you are picking up when you enter a room with a person sleeping and sense the atmosphere we pointed to in the sleep exercise above.


The next piece of the puzzle is that finer, cooler energies don’t mix easily with lower, hotter energies. If you are in a peaceful state in yourself, would you want to be teleported into the middle of a nasty, hot argument your neighbors are having? Likely not! Finer states don’t easily mix with coarser ones.


How are these concepts related to sleep?


As you fall asleep you are drawing in the finer energies of sleep while simultaneously lifting yourself into a higher plane of being by processing finer frequencies. This is the sweet surrender we feel when going to sleep as we float away from our worries and stresses to be rejuvenated. From an energetic perspective it is the ability of these sleep energies to access us that will help determine our quality of sleep.


What this means is that if you are in a poor place in yourself prior to sleep (stressed, worried, bothered, irritated, running too fast, and more) you are operating on a lower, coarser frequency which interferes with the ability of sleep energies to enter you.


How you prepare for sleep can make it easier or more difficult for sleep energies to access you.


Moving From Poor Quality Sleep To Better Sleep—A New Set of Considerations

So how do you make yourself more in tune with these natural sleep energies?

Well, just like the approach of sleep through the physical realms, this too is a vast area to cover. The most important thing to remember is the guiding principle—improving the electric, or energetic, ecology within yourself and your bedroom will make you and your space more attractive to these higher sleep energies to join and work their magic, giving you the gift of deep sleep and the great energy and well-being that stems from it. Below are a few starters to consider as part of preparing for sleep.


Setting Your Bedroom’s Ecology

1. Make your bedroom clean and tidy before sleep

Clean and tidy bedroom with pillows, nightstand and lamp

Your bedroom is the place where sleep energies will be doing their work. Keeping your bedroom clean (vacuumed, dusted, etc.) and clutter-free sweeps away physical and electrical debris that can accumulate in your space, making it much more attractive for the planet’s natural sleep energies to come in and work uninterrupted.

2. Ringing a bell

A slilver bell

As we live in our homes the energies we process from our thoughts, emotions, conversations, watching shows, etc. get deposited in the unseen atmosphere of our home and like an unseen gas spread throughout our house, including our bedrooms. The clear pitch of a bell, struck a few times before going to sleep, helps clear

away any of this electrical debris, clearing the passageway for sleep energies to attend.


3. Filling your bedroom with blue energetic gas


Light blue mist

Ideally after steps 1 and 2 above, close your eyes and use your mind’s eye to try filling your bedroom from top to bottom with a pale blue energetic gas. Command that the energy stays there the whole night. This is helpful in preventing coarse energies from entering your bedroom while providing a great medium for the sleep energies to access you.

Setting The Ecology of You

1. Take a shower before bed


Aura is the name for the electromagnetic field that radiates approximately 3’ in all directions from our body, forming an energetic bubble. During the day as we interact with the world, at work, shopping, spending time with others, taking in news and social media, our auras can become filled with the stress, irritations and electrical debris of others. A simple shower a few hours before sleep cleans off much of this coarse energy, enabling sleep energies easier access to you while you fall asleep. Try it and see. Warm water is best.


2. Managing your phone with a mindfulness for sleep


Your phone is a vital gateway to the world when awake, but can be a major detriment if in your bedroom and “on” while sleeping. An active phone is either ringing or lighting up when new notifications appear. These disturb the ambiance of your bedroom while also keeping a part of your subconscious mind distracted from sleep. Secondly, phones emit coarse electromagnetic frequencies that can be a deterrent to the energies of sleep attending. If your phone is your alarm, after activating it, put your phone on airplane mode and leave it on the other side of the room. It is also a good idea to have any other electronic devices (television, stereo) in your bedroom either off while sleeping or if possible, located somewhere else in your home.


Regain the Natural Healing Power of Sleep


Hopefully you now have a much better understanding of how natural sleep energies work and their power in assisting with your sleep. By applying the tools provided you can enable sleep energies to begin to better work their magic—setting yourself up for deeper, healing sleep.


There are many more nuances to understand about the realms of energetic sleep, as well as many more tools that can be utilized. Out from all this a person can create their own sleep ceremony, tailored to their needs, that can help them regularly experience better sleep—changing their nights, their days, and thereby their lives.


Pathways of Possibility hosts events that open up these territories in greater depth. Discover more here.


Or, if you are interested in a private consultation for yourself or a group, please email


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