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Introduction to Inspired Movement: The Power of Moving with Intention and Purpose

One thing that distinguishes and enhances human life is the ability to move. Whether it's dancing to the beat of a favorite piece of music, or the constant beating of our hearts, humans are moving in one way or another all the days of our lives. In this video Ronda Lawrence speaks from her love of movement and what can happen when a human moves with inspiration, intention and purpose.


I want to talk and demonstrate a little bit about inspired movement. Now what makes inspired movement different from other movement? Well, let's look at the words "inspired" and "movement". To be inspired is to be passionate. It's to be creative, and extraordinary. "Inspire" means also to breathe in. And when one is inspired, they're moved, moved by something. So then, "movement"..."movement" is to change position, change locations; it's... to grow and develop, is a kind of movement. And when people gather and work together, it's called a movement.

Now [laughs] people are just made to move. Humans are made to move. Before we're born, we start moving, and we don't stop...moving...even subtly - however subtly - until we move on. We can move ourselves, we can move things from one place to another, we can move others, and we can be moved by others. And this has to do with emotions, being moved in that way. And look at that word, "e-motion". Emotions are feelings that move through us. So what do we get when we put inspired movement - "inspired" and "movement" - together? Well, we could contrast that, say, with automatic movements. And these are, like, blinking our eyes and breathing and jerking back from pain, or any kind of reaction. Sometimes even a smile becomes an automatic movement in circumstances. So an inspired movement, then, is a movement that's intentional, that's a choice that we initiate. That's conscious, maybe. So things like dancing, hugging, certain postures are inspired. Even some of the same examples like blinking our eyes or winking an eye is an inspired movement as well. Breathing is also an inspired movement. It's automatic, but we can take an intentionally slow, deep breath [breathes deeply] to inspire a calmness in ourselves. All movement, all of our movements, start with an idea, with a spark, with say, an in-breath. There's the special movements that go with ceremony and that are very integral to the ceremony.

So, what can we do with inspired movements? We can transform the emotions like, as in a ceremony. It's very transformative for the people involved. We can transform emotions like grief into continuance. We can transform anger...mmm...into power. We can inspire others with our movements and be inspired by the movements of others. We can embody qualities of others from Nature and other humans - qualities like Grace and Stability, Resilience.

We can move beyond physical limitations like paralysis and missing limbs, with our intentions, with our inspirations, and still feel the benefits as if we had actually moved in that way. We can attract and repel. With our movements, we can change the atmosphere in a room. We can move like the sun, brightly and warmly. Inspired movements can work wonders. They can change a life - yours or someone else's. So I'll leave you with some ponders: Is there something you might want to transform? To move through and out? Is there an inspired movement you'd like to create? A movement for your favorite color, maybe? The movement for a waterfall, a movement for confidence, a movement for peace? A movement because you love another. So, what inspires you to move? Thank you.


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