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The Tribe of Try

All humans have the ability to try—and to choose to keep on trying. Here Lisa Marcus writes of the importance of trying, regardless of the outcome; how it helps us to progress; and how trying itself is a hallmark of life.



The human has the innate desire and an ability to try and try again. Even when we do not succeed at first, when we face failure and disappointment or unrealized outcomes, we can seek the strength to get up, try again, move forward.


Can you imagine if a baby that is beginning to walk, and continues to fall down, would never try again?  Can you imagine if when we start to speak at an early age, and cannot yet form the words, that we would give up on learning to talk?  


But no - we try and try again. All through our lives we have challenges, but somehow, we muster the strength not to give up. It is innate in the human design to grow and progress. And to face the challenges of life - and as it is said "Just keep on a trying". 


(“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again” was first written in a poem by 19th century British educational writer William Hickson. )


The heart continuously tries to keep pumping blood through our veins to keep us alive. The lungs try, in support of each breath we take. And our legs continuously attempt to offer the strength and balance needed to stand, to move, to run. Something very intelligent has given the human body and systems the gift to keep trying, so a life can carry on while alive on this planet.


Doesn't the sun keep trying to offer warmth? And when the cloud cover conceals the sun, it will continue to shine as it waits for clear skies so it may radiate a warm glow upon the planet; to nourish the trees and flowers with all the nutrients the sun emits. To offer the human the vitamins so precious to life.




And what about the idea of forgiveness? Perhaps that could be considered as part of the human effort to keep trying. To try to let go, move on, hold up the best of another in the hope to find forgiveness for a hurt that has caused pain. And sometimes the most difficult task is to try to find self-forgiveness. To release oneself from self-criticism and to seek the patience and understanding that allows us to keep going – to keep trying towards the life we seek to create.  


When we love, and somehow that which we had hoped for does not end the way we expect, do we give up on love? Maybe some do – but many humans find the resilience to keep trying to seek love, to believe in love. To try again for the sake of love. To try to offer love to others, to the fauna and the flora. To find the love and appreciation for the life we have been gifted with and that which created it. To keep searching to connect with the essence of love, amid the many difficulties facing our world.



So, you could say the human race is a Tribe of Try.  And that life is one try after anotherNo matter how many times we fall off the horse, or make mistakes, take a foolish step or have unrealized expectations, we have the natural ability to try again. We don’t have to give up. A new day appears to offer another chance to try. And hopefully, the many tries assist us in gathering experience and wisdom.


Everything we take up in our journey is a try. I tried to learn to play the piano, it took some time. I tried to knit a scarf, it was not easy. I tried to be a photographer – to no avail. There are many things I have tried in this life. I have tried to be a good daughter, sister, mother, partner. How is the success of all these life-roles measured? Perhaps not to measure as right or wrong, or good or bad, or success or failure, but to know that it’s in the trying and the choices we make that offers an opportunity to create a life of meaning.



Within the trying we can offer the best of ourselves out from our human capability and purpose. We can offer the Universe the endeavor to play our part towards its continuance, and towards the future of the human.  


We are all human, born inside a possibility that is not predetermined, with the opportunity for each life to unfold. We have been given the gift of choice, and with this gift come many decisions during a lifetime. One is that we can choose that which we wish to devote ourselves towards. Along with this come wonderful successes, as well as many unrealized outcomes.


Do we allow ourselves to be stopped? Know that you can be one of those who chooses to try again, and again and again, as part of being a human within the Tribe of Try. 


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