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The Unseen Worlds: An Introduction to the Unseen Energies that Surround Us All

In this video, Audrey Tabaka talks about the unseen energy realms that lie just beyond our everyday reality, and how she came to know from direct personal experience that there is more to life than meets the (physical) eye.


What do I mean when I say unseen worlds?

We live in a very physical reality. We wake up every day. The sun is shining. We go to sleep when the sun goes down. We see things and we feel things, and we don't question that. But what if just beyond our physical reality, was more of an energy realm?

Even science is now confirming that everything that is physical matter also has an energetic component. And what if we could learn to see and sense and feel this energy realm, just like the physical realm? Well, I'm here to tell you it is possible, because I've learned and had many experiences inside the Emin, experiencing these energy realms.

One of the very first experiences that I ever had was several years ago. I was in Central Park with a friend of mine, and it was late October. We were standing on a bridge. It was around dusk time, kind of twilight, you know, the sort of magical time. And we were just looking out over, you know, into an area where there were some beautiful trees. And all of a sudden, we noticed that one of the small spruce trees was covered with lights. And we both noticed it. And we thought "That's kind of strange, because it's October. Why would they put Christmas lights on this one tree?" And then it occurred to me that, most likely, we were looking at fairies. And I later found out that in fact, that is what fairies look like. They look like little lights around trees. In fact, there's a story that Martin Luther in Germany was walking through the forest, and saw the little lights around the evergreen trees and brought that back as part of a tradition. And that's how we now have Christmas tree lights on our evergreen trees for Christmas.

So that experience really opened my eyes to what else could be beyond what we see physically. And I started to learn how to see things energetically, see things electrically, sense things. And I believe that it's something that all humans have the ability to learn how to do. And in fact, I think it's something very natural for the human. I think we've just gotten conditioned out of it. Because as kids, we often see things and sense things that adults don't. I mean, kids have imaginary friends. I know I did. And we see things, you know, that other, that adults maybe don't always see.

So it really is a fascinating subject that we could go on and on about, which obviously we don't have time for today. But I wanted to share this story with you. I hope you find it inspiring, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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