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The Well-Being of Natural Stability: Connecting to the Order and Constancy All Around Us

It's easy to get thrown off balance in a world that is often chaotic—but there is a way to become less affected by uncertainty and more connected to an inner stability. In this video Emy Papasideris talks about the amazing natural order we are immersed in all the time, and how connecting to this natural stability can bring balance, peace and well-being into our lives.


Life is full of changes and fluctuations, and new things and different things. And yet, at the same time, it's also filled with things stable, steady, unchanging, and constant. And the examples are everywhere.

You go to bed at night, and you wake up in the morning with the same amount of fingers, and the same amount of toes that you had, when you started your night. You don't wake up and find that you're missing your left eye, or that your hair is a different color, or that you've suddenly grown five inches. You are as you were, when you drifted off to sleep the night before. Everything is still there. And another example, you plant a tomato seed in the ground and when that seed grows, and bears fruit, what you get is tomatoes, you don't get pineapples, you don't get onions, you don't get monkeys, you get tomatoes. The sun is always there, this bright, yellow star in the sky. You don't wake up and think "Will there be two purple stars in the sky today? Or 14 green ones?" Or "Will the sun not appear at dawn?" No, it's always there. Day and night, whether you can see it or not. And oxygen is always there for us, for our next breath. And our heart is always beating. Our lungs are always inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. All of these trillions of cells in us are working constantly for our best interest, to keep us well and balanced and healthy and recharged.

And I've found that calling over these things, these examples, produces such a stability, such a settlement, such a steadiness, and peace. And all the challenges and all the changes in life can be dealt with and met from that place of stability. And so I invite you, if you choose, to look for these things in your own life - in your body and yourself, and outside of yourself. And feel the well-being, the peace and the steadiness and confidence that they produce. And so I hope you found this video interesting, inspiring. And thank you very much for watching.


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