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The Wonder of Nature: An Experience for the Soul and the Mind

Many of us appreciate and enjoy being in Nature. It can relax and even restore us. In this video, Bernie Doyle talks about his own love and wonder of Nature, how he connects with it and what it causes in him.


Nature has a very special place in my heart because the frequencies, the experience of Nature, seems to... allow my soul to expand, would be one way to describe it.

Another way would be, it allows my mind to move into imagination. Perhaps there's a great importance in it because I feel, in Nature, an absence of stress. And in that absence of stress, I have this wonderful freedom to be myself. Nature's non-judgmental, and it's a beautiful, amazing collage of colors and textures. There's the water, there's the air, there's the sky, the sun, the leaves, the bumblebees, the chipmunks. And they're all working together. And I find it a wonderful contemplation.

And when I'm in a situation like this, and I have a few moments for myself, I'll think through, I'll imagine along with Nature and the way that the ecology is in a harmonious balance, and I'll look at a flower and I'll see the bumblebees on it. And I'll see in my mind's eye, that bumble bee is collecting nectar to take back to its hive, for honey, for the health of the bee colony. And at the same time, that bumblebee, as it moves from flower to flower, is collecting up pollen and helping to fertilize other flowers, which, as you know, is necessary for the flowers to create seed for their new life to happen. And so the flower and the bee are in harmony with one another. The bee gets to collect up nectar for the next generation of bees and whilst collecting it, helps the flower to fertilize for the next generation of flowers. And on and on it goes. That's just one small example.

And everywhere I look, the water rises up, turns into clouds and falls on another location and puts moisture in the soil for other things to grow. Everywhere, everything is connected. And I find contemplating along these lines, I can become more integrated with those natural frequencies that exist in Nature. And perhaps that's what helps push out the stress of regular life. And you get filled with a life-giving kind of healing energy that expands my soul.

Perhaps you have a special place where you go to where you can find your own personal way of connecting with the natural worlds. And perhaps you have your own ways of looking. Maybe you're an artist, maybe you sing. Maybe you just love to go swimming or hiking. They're good things to return to, to expand the soul and increase your imagination and bring health.

So thanks for watching. I hope this sharing has been useful and inspiring, and perhaps you might go out to a special place where it's quiet, and connect—to the interconnectedness of all things.

'Bye for now.


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