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The Quality of Warmth: An Essential Ingredient of Life

Warmth is essential to life. Without it, nothing can grow. In this video, Lisa Marcus talks about the importance of Warmth, what it means to her, and why she has chosen to be a champion of Warmth in the world.


Warmth is really a great conductor. And it can provide so much from one human life to another. It can provide well-being and support and care. And it offers a great mutuality, for two lives to show up, to be together, and to offer respect, and to offer love of the human - of every human - and of humanity as a whole. So the idea, for me, was to become a champion of Warmth, and to find a way that I could be with the domain of Warmth and allow it to come through me, and that I could share it with others, and provide Warmth in any situation that I could.

So if you think about it, Warmth is a very natural part of life, because this body, this system, needs to have a certain temperature. It needs a certain Warmth or it cannot survive. So I've always thought about Warmth as being a true necessity for living. And it can come in very little ways. Very simple ways.

For example, the other day, I was sitting at my desk working, and I got a text on my phone and it was a big red heart. This wonderful little heart that came from a friend from far off in a different country. And it was so warming, it just changed the entire mood in my house, in my office, an in me. And I thought, "That's a lady that knows how to share Warmth". It was like a big blanket, just covering my shoulders on a cold night. And it's a very special feeling. You can walk into the grocery store, and somebody can help you find the tomato. Now that's a way of sharing Warmth.

And it can come in very simple ways, just with the touch of a hand or a kind word or listening to another person, being present. Saying to them, "I care. I'm with you. And there's something in my life that can be shared with yours." You know, they say you got to give it away to keep it. And that's how I feel about Warmth. I feel the more I give it away, the more it comes back to me. And it can be as simple as what is passing from my eyes, through to your eyes. It's a very simple way of warming another life.

So I hope this little snapshot warms your day, even if just for a little bit.


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