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Contemplate. Meditate. Slow Down.

As humans, we have the ability to run at different internal speeds, shifting gears as needed depending on the situation. (The soul, for instance, works at a slower speed than the brain.)


Due to the pressures and pace of everyday life, however, it's easy to slip into "fast" mode and then get stuck there - often without even realizing it. And when we run too fast for too long, it can create friction, cause heat, lead to stress and anxiety.

So it's helpful on a regular basis to intentionally take time out, take a deep breath, slow down and cool down.

We hope the videos featured here will help you do just that.


You can watch them, contemplate them, meditate on them. Or just close your eyes and listen to the words, or to the music. And relax.

Even a few minutes can do wonders.


(Running time 1:07 minutes)

(Running time 3:44 minutes)

(Running time 1:54 minutes)

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