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Mystery upon mystery

Does the universe know?

That cold, sterile wonder—does it know

It is teeming with life?


How bright the eyes of the child

In her mother’s arms

Gazing with love and wonder

Life to life

The amber glow

Love and well being throughout

The gossamer web or creational glow,

The very elixir of life

Amplified by each set of lovers,

New each time



Oh the wonder

Oh the perfection

Oh the never before felt

Flood of love

And it is new each time



What hope, what joy

To the universal receivers

God, Creation, those at the other end

Of this great pipeline of vitality


We who are the fruit of this living vine

We who are the bearers of mysteries

In the melody and counter melody


The bright stars with their great light

Are cold to our earthbound eyes

And we respond, rebuilding the universe

Tiny flame by tiny flame

Each pinprick of light

A drop in the vastness of space,

A laser of returning warmth.


- Peg Simon

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