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We Are Hope

We often say whether we are hopeful or not, 

but this is not accurate. 

Like a stone, we are hope. 

We radiate hope from the living of life;

we have appetites, we yearn, we learn, we grow into a tribe. 

There, we can sing the song of ourselves, 

that vibration so unique in the universe. 


We look to the sky for inspiration, 

but we can be the sky, the dusk, the dream. 

We are more powerful than we perceive, 

more potentialed than we realize. 

Hope is not a tender flower to be watered.

Hope is verve shaking the past into freedom,

trailblazing the future without 

dragging our boulders along. 

The present might be a gift, 

but the future is where we are heading. 


Hope is not a dewdrop on a blade of grass.

Hope is the bravery to live our differences.

The future is desperate, 

desperate for our portrayals and permutations

in order to expand into limitlessness.


- Charles Fischer

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